Jane Dismore is a freelance writer of history and heritage and a biographer. She is a member of the Society of Authors, the Biographers’ Club, and (as a former practising solicitor) the Law Society of England and Wales.  Jane is also an experienced public speaker.  Her literary agent is Andrew Lownie.  

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NEWS :  Jane is presenting a new series of book programmes for North Herts Radio, to be broadcast on Sundays at 4pm (and repeated on Fridays at midday).   The second programme A Story in the Making will be broadcast on 13 October 2019 (and see pics on  Events page). Tune in here 

NEWS  On Saturday 16 November 2019 at 10.30 am. (as part of a series of talks by Hertfordshire writers), Jane will be speaking at Buntingford Library on Royals, Rebels & Aristocrats: the pleasure & the pain of writing about Britain’s ‘blue-blooded’ families. Tickets £2. Available at the door or online: click here for link –  Tickets 

Her latest book (June 2018) PRINCESS is  published in the USA in hardback (Lyons Press, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield) and is available from Lyons Press or from Amazon. PRINCESS is also published in the UK (Thistle Publishing, below right) in paperback and is available from Amazon.  It’s also available on Kindle. (See sample reviews)

Princess coverPrincess full final

Jane was filmed by the Anglophile Channel (USA) talking about her book PRINCESS,  which took place in the InterContinental Hotel, Park Lane, London, the site of the Queen’s first home, 145 Piccadilly. Watch the abridged interview here (longer to come later): Interview with Anglophile Channel, 2018.


DUCHESSES: Living in 21st Century Britain (published on 4th September 2014 by Blink  Books, an imprint of Bonnier Publishing.  Now also available in an e-book) HM the Queen graciously accepted a copy of Duchesses for her 90th birthday. 

When Kate Middleton was made a royal duchess in 2011, she made the old title topical, even desirable, again. Just below the royal duchesses on the aristocratic tree sits another tiny group of women with their dukes: the non-royal duchesses. They are just as much a part of Britain’s heritage, the dukedoms having been awarded by monarchs since the 16th century, but they are a dying breed.

Ten of these duchesses form the basis of this book. Not only is it the first time they have been featured together but in many cases it is the first time they have talked publicly about themselves. Each also selects a favourite duchess from the past, providing a fascinating gallery through the centuries and a comparison with today – for what does it mean to be a duchess in the 21st century when privilege is not a popular concept?

Book Cover

THE VOICE FROM THE GARDEN: Pamela Hambro and the Tale of Two Families Before and After the Great War (pub. Aug 2012, SilverWood Books)

cover of The Voice from the Garden by Jane Dismore


This true family saga focuses on two prominent families during a turbulent time in Britain’s history: the Hambros, a major merchant banking dynasty, and the Cobbolds, a long established British brewing family from Suffolk, who are united in 1919 by marriage. Their friends include the mighty Morgan banking family of the USA, and the prominent Swedish industrialists, the Wallenbergs, as well as members of the British aristocracy. At the heart of the action lies the love story of Pamela Cobbold and Charles Hambro.

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