A tailor-made service for the heritage tourist industry

We’re very lucky in Britain to have a wonderful heritage to share with our many visitors.  Sometimes there is more history to uncover than we realise.

Did your hotel have a previous life? Might it have stories to tell?

Whether it’s large and grand or small and modest, you can make the present more interesting by discovering people from the past. Enhance your guests’ experience by absorbing them in true stories of previous inhabitants: excitement, successes, sadness, scandals…….

Perhaps you already have some knowledge of a particular person or family who once lived there or a dramatic event that occurred. Alternatively I can carry out research for you.  This could focus on the whole of the building’s former life, or on a particular period, family, individual or event.

I can then turn that information into a compelling mini history or biography for your guests to enjoy or for use as marketing material.

As a writer I have access to a wide range of historical sources.  Elsewhere on my 100_0415website you can see something of the variety of people and periods I have researched and written about for books, newspapers and magazines.

I am a member of the Society of Authors and of the Biographers’ Club.

Click here to see a sample piece for a large London hotel with royal conections

My rates for research and/or writing are very reasonable.  Please email  with details of your requirements or to make an enquiry.